Laboratory is spaciously built and equipped with modern equipments pertaining to the curriculum and syllabi of Anna University, Chennai. The Department is equipped with excellent laboratory infrastructural hitech facilities and modern instruments. Students are trained in our laboratory to enhance their practical skills and meet the needs of the students as per curriculum and syllabi of Anna University, Chennai. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of instruments in each experiment in order to provide a separate set of instruments to all the students while performing the experiment.

Equipments available in laboratory 

1.      Aniline point apparatus

2.      Bottle shaker (16* 250 ml)

3.      Cleveland open cup apparatus

4.      Cloud point apparatus

5.      Junker  gas Calorimeter-DV

6.      Muffle furnace

7.      Multimeter –Digital

8.      Pensky martens closed cup  Apparatus

9.      Pressure glass bottle 250 ml

10.  Redwood viscometer

11.  Refractometer

12.  Say bolt viscometer

13.  Thermostat- Water bath

14.  Vacuum pump

15.  Polarimeter