Year of Establishment


Head of the Department

Dr. S.Gopalakannan



Course Offered

  • B.E   - Mechanical
  • M.E  - Thermal Engineering
  • Ph.D - Programme (Part Time & Full Time)

Vision of the Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Adhiparasakthi Engineering College strives hard to produce globally competitive Mechanical Engineering with good attitude to serve the changing needs of the society

Mission of the Department

1. Imbibing the skill of innovative teaching and learning process to assure transfer
 fundamental knowledge.

2. Continuous improvement in developing the competency among the students to succeed in

    solving the contemporary engineering challenges through value based education.

Developing the leadership skills through team work.

Program Educational Objectives

     1.  Our Graduates will have strong fundamental technical knowledge and are capable to exhibit their                              competency in  professional engineering practices.

    2.  Our graduates will apply contemporary tools and techniques related to their discipline and equip themselves           in national 
 and international environment.

     3. Our graduates will have team working and leadership skills with high degree of professional ethical values.

Program Outcomes

a. Apply fundamental concept of mathematics and science to Engineering applications.

b. Identify, formulate, design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

c. Apply knowledge gained to design a system, component or process to meet desired specifications and needs.

d. Function as a team to accomplish common goals.

e. Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.

f. Practice professional and ethical responsibilities.

g. Communicate effectively through written reports or oral presentations.

h. Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, professional and             societal  context.

i. Develop confidence for self-education and lifelong learning.

j. Practice engineering in a global environment with the knowledge of contemporary issues.

k. Use modern tools and techniques to solve the mechanical engineering problems.

l. Apply principles of project, finance management in mechanical engineering applications.


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