Year of Establishment


Head of the Department

 Dr. S. A. Elankurisil



Course Offered

  • B.E     - Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • M.E    -  Power Electronics and Drives
  • Ph.D   - Programme (Part Time & Full Time)

Vision of the Department

 The Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Department is committed to create

 world class engineers who are recognized in their society,research and also renowned with

 human values and  ethics.

Mission of the Department

1.  The mission of the Department is to achieve excellence in teaching and research at par         with International Standards by providing high quality teaching and learning                         environment.

Producing competent and socially conscience EEE engineers fully equipped with                     highest personal and professional standards to achieve overall development of the                 country.

Empowering students and professionals with the state-of-art knowledge and                           technological skills.

      Program Educational Objectives

   1.   To inculcate students in understanding engineering problems, Confronts, and provide optimum solutions              with  analytical mind-set.

    2.   To demonstrate the professional skills as competent employee, and responsible leader to have successful                   career.

    3.   Strive to be successful trend setters throughout the life.

                                                                       Program Outcomes

The students possess the abilities to

    a.   Ability to understand and apply differential equations, Integrals, matrix theory, Probability theory and                      Laplace, Fourier  and Z Transformations and science for Engineering Problems.

    b.   Ability to understand and apply basic electronics, circuit theory, electromagnetic field theory, control theory           and apply  them to Electrical Engineering problems.

    c.   Ability to design and develop electrical modules with available resources.

    d.   Ability to understand and analyze power system operation, stability, Control and protection.

    e.   To understand and apply computing platform and software for engineering problems.

    f.   Ability to handle the engineering aspects of electrical energy generation and utilization.

    g.   To understand environment impact and acquire management skills.

    h.   To promote student awareness for lifelong learning and inculcate professional ethics.

    i.   Ability to organize development programs by individual or coordinating with others.

    j.   Ability to prepare and present technological development on contemporary issues.

    k.  Ability to form a group and develop or solve engineering problems.


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