Year of Establishment


Head of the Department

Dr. A. Krishnamoorthy



Course Offered

  • B.E.  - Civil Engineering
  • M.E. - Construction Engineering and Management
  • Ph.D.- Programme (Part Time & Full Time) 

Vision of the Department

Department of Civil Engineering endeavours to create resourceful    Civil Engineers with sound knowledge with a commitment to serve the society at large.

Mission of the Department

1. Inculcating quality consciousness among graduates by imparting world expertise.

2. Creating a sense of ethics and service for the benefit of society.

3. Making high class quality engineers to achieve International standards, to significantly
    contribute for the development of country.

Program Educational Objectives

     1.  To impart the latest advancements in civil engineering through regular teaching.

     2.  To create awareness on the need of society, and responsibility of Engineers to discharge duties in ethical 

      3.  To stimulate the graduates to pursue higher studies and secure better position.

                                  Program Outcomes

The students possess the abilities to

    a.   Ability to apply the basic science and engineering knowledge to solve complex problems.

    b.   An ability to analyse complex problems with all available tools by identifying the issues, formulating them             based on  basic acquired knowledge and finding appropriate solutions.

    c.   Competency to find out solutions for complex engineering design and systems with an eye on public health              and safety,  culture, society and environment.
    d.  Ability to investigate complex problems that evades unique solutions due to mathematical framework                      involved and complex engineering methods, and solving them with computational tools.

    e.   Capability to handle modern tools including IT tools to model complex engineering phenomena and to                     predict the  outcome with due consideration of limitations.

    f.   Ability to apply practical contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues                 with the  responsibilities involved in professional practices.

    g.   Ability to implement of engineering solutions on the society and environment and to achieve sustainable                  development.

    h.  Professional upholding the principle of professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of good practice.

    i.   Ability to function efficiently and effectively as an individual and cohesively in a group even in                                   multidisciplinary  projects.

    j.   Ability to communicate in writing, verbal, by documentation, by effective presentation and in giving and                 receiving  instructions.

    k.  Demonstrate competency in project management, finances dealing with team members and leadership in                multidisciplinary environment.

    l.   Curiosity in life-long learning about new techniques, tools, updation in design and construction practices,              and handling  new materials.

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