Year of Establishment 1997
Head of the Department Dr. K. Dhanasekaran, M. Tech., Ph. D
Membership ISTE, IIChE
Course Offered B.Tech.  -  Chemical Engineering

Vision of the Department

To attain national recognition in training engineers both professionally as well as

morally for meeting the challenging needs of chemical & allied industries and societal

demands of ethical engineers.

Mission of the Department

1. Providing high quality engineers in tune with changing needs of chemical and allied industries.
2. Promoting industry-academia relationship for mutual benefit and growth.
3. Cultivating a spirit of service and ethical conduct among students.

                                     Program Educational Objectives

   1.  Our graduates are promoted to successful chemical engineers with sound knowledge in core areas of

         chemical and related fields of  engineering.

   2.  Our graduates have the ability to take up management responsibilities and also have the potential to 

         accomplish the tasks assigned.

    3.  Our graduates have strong sense of ethical values which will help them to promote the socio-economic 

         status with their moralized technical innovations.

                                                  Program  Outcomes

The students possess the abilities to

    a.  Incorporate the knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics and engineering for solving complex problems.

    b.  Identify, formulate and analyze engineering problems and provide appropriate solutions based on the principles of                         engineering and mathematics.

    c.  Design and develop solutions to industrial problems incorporating necessary constraints, keeping in view of  public health,           environment and safety.   

    d.  Carry out comprehensive research along with various experimental studies and analyze and interpret the data obtained.

    e.  Select appropriate techniques to obtain a suitable design and provide solutions based on modern techniques of                                computation.

    f.   Understand associated health, safety, legal and cultural contexts pertaining to their profession.

    g.  Understand the need for professional engineering solutions for the sustainable development of the society.

    h.  Uphold ethical issues and professionalism.

    i.   Manage a team and be a good team player.               

    j.   Express views effectively in the engineering society through means of good communication, presentations, and                                documentation.

    k.  Acquire knowledge through various sources and ensure continuous learning.

    l.   Appreciate the engineering and management principles and apply the same in undertaking multidisciplinary activities.

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